Artist Statement

I create art using materials with history; objects which once had great importance in the world, like wood from trees that for decades beautified streets and squares, but then aged, became fragile and fell, or strong winds and storms brought them down.
Additionally, some of the elements in my works are pieces of machinery that had reached their usefulness such as screws, springs, gears, axles, and bearings. In contrast to the woods and metals, I use cotton thread and leather for color and texture.
My inspiration comes from my life experiences, my view of the world, and observing relationships between people, and then I translate those into art. To achieve my goal, I use the raw material’s characteristics such as its temperature to the touch, its resistance, its smooth or rough surfaces, its shapes, and deformations.


Time builds, destroys, and transforms the smooth into rough, the new into old, and the calm into ripples and waves. Sandro Evangelista, an artist who lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil where he was born in 1975, believes the passage of time is a phenomenon that brings special meaning to objects, animals, plants, and people. Time has left its unique marks, which would be impossible to replicate, on the woods and metals he uses in his artwork.
Sandro had always loved to work with his hands, a passion passed down from his grandfather and uncles who were woodworkers. When faced with health issues, he used art to complement his treatment and to manage his well-being. At first, he created woodturning functional pieces, and then slowly, his work morphed into abstract sculptures pieces which as of 2020, is what he devotes his artistic attentions to.
Sandro’s background is in engineering and he enjoys using elements of machinery from the field in which he worked into art. He is self-taught, and his creations are inspired spontaneously by a mental image, which is then followed by a sketch, and then the end product is born, usually differing from the plan.